Cenote Azul, Yucatan


Image from Visiting Mexico

They say Cenote Azul is the biggest cenote in Mexico, 600 feet across and 290 feet at the center. The geological formations look more like a moon-scape with submerged trees populated by schools of live bearing, fresh water fish. At 100+ feet, divers can look up and see swimmers above but not the bottom. During the first dive, diver will drop down through the blue-green water to a ledge at 85-105 feet, than divers go along the wall in a multi-level dive. For the surface interval, divers can lounge in the sun or enjoy some fine local cuisine in local restaurant. The second dive will be conducted at 50-60 feet and often divers make a complete circuit of the cenote in 40 minutes. The water in this cenote is much warmer than it is commonly experienced in smaller cenotes.

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From Shore

Diver’s Level



Average: 5 m
Maximum: 10 m




Average: 20 m
Maximum: 30 m


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