Cenote San Ignacio, Yucatan


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Address: Calle 23 No.126 Centro 97816 Chocholá, Yuc. Mexico

Located in the community of Chocholá, 20 minutes from the city of Merida on the road that connects the city of Mexico, the Cenote San Ignacio is shown to the world, emerging from a past of glory and splendor Maya.

The cenotes were sacred rivers of the Maya that were used as sources of water, places for meditation, magic rituals and sacrifices. For the Mayans, the cenotes were origin and destination, were earthly life and eternal life extension.

The word cenote comes from the Mayan word “dzonot” meaning flooded cavern.
The ground limestone is Yucatan type makes it permeable, so that no streams that run along the surface. The rain water is filtered and make the water table resulting in underground freshwater rivers known as cenotes.

There are two types of cenotes: open pit as Chichen Itza and underground or cave as Cenote San Ignacio.

This classification is related to the age of the cenote, being the mature cenotes which are completely open and the youngest who still retain its dome intact. Cenote San Ignacio, is a beautiful work of nature, is a young cenote because it has a grand dome. The dome has a hole in the top through which the sun’s rays are filtered and provides a unique and magical atmosphere in the inside.

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For the protection of the cave, the average water temperature is 28 ° C. The interior of the cave is formed by a large rock Massif landless and sediment creándole much security conditions.
Inside the Cenote there is an inverse thermal effect to the surface temperature in the months of November to February where there are days with temperatures of 16 ° C inside the cave the temperature is 28 ° C and the rest of the year in which we have temperatures above 40 ° C inside the cave maintains 28 ° C.

The cenote is 38 meters long by 20 meters wide with a maximum depth of 6 meters (the deepest area is only 20% of the size of the cenote), while the lower part has a depth of 1.4 meters to 40 centimeters, which makes it a great natural “Jacuzzi”. It has system of artificial lighting and ventilation removes moisture and renew the air inside the cave.

In addition to the beautiful natural setting, the Cenote San Ignacio has a cozy infrastructure that includes a large restaurant with the most exquisite dishes of the Yucatecan cuisine, bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, lounge chairs, soleadero, rental hammocks, wading pool, playground, stable and attractive places where live the magic and ancestral nature of endemic flora and fauna.

Tranquility and harmony come together in San Ignacio to receive visitors who enjoy nature with the comfort of first class services. Strolling among the endemic flora of Yucatan, down to within the cenote and swim in the crystal clear turquoise waters with fish only Yucatán is unmatched.

Enjoy a magical and unique place in the world. Come explore and discover corners of the land of the Mayab in the Cenote San Ignacio and be amazed of the splendor of centuries of Maya culture.


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