Playa Mamitas, Quintana Roo


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Address:Calle 28 and the Beach, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Playa Mamitas is one of the most famous and well known beaches in Playa del Carmen! In addition to being a major beach club and place to spend the day basking in the sun, it is also a major entertainment venue in Playa del Carmen. Well known events such as the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival, The BPM Music Festival, Sporting events, concerts and major New Year’s celebrations are held at Playa Mamitas del Carmen every year!

Playa Mamitas is fantastic for vacationers, and also for locals, but what about homeowners near that section of town? There are some incredible Playa del Carmen luxury style condos and homes for sale, just steps away from this major section of beach; all of which can draw in any eye that has an attraction to modern style and comfort. But it is important to consider the facts of the Playa Mamitas area, combined with your intention of use for the property, to determine if this area is truly the right place for you!

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What are the facts Real Estate Seekers should know about Playa Mamitas Playa del Carmen?

  • The beach, and the street leading to it, is busy; especially during the months of December thru April (with a heightened increase during New Years and Easter Weekend)
  • If there is an event you might experience loud music or slight rowdiness coming from the area surrounding you – some music may be pleasant while others might not be, depending on your taste.
  • This area can tend to be a place for party goers – which means that if you appreciate a good quiet neighbor you might be annoyed with the fact that your next door neighbor didn’t rent their apartment to a standing member of the Brady Bunch Family – If you know what we mean?

These are not all necessarily bad things! Some people want to be a part of the action and enjoy movement! If you consider these perks rather than disadvantages then purchasing Real Estate near Playa Mamitas in Playa del Carmen is an exceptional option. Literally; you are in the heart of it all!

We don’t point these things out to steer people away from buying in this area; but while thinking of a client’s true interests and needs, it is important to point out all the facts and not become misleading in any way.

Why is Playa Mamitas Area a Hot Spot for Investors?

Simply! You are buying your real estate investment in a prime location for tourism! You can make a fantastic rental income on property, on and around Playa Mamitas Club! And because of the proximity to events, and the beach, you are able to set your prices based on demand for the event. Every year during the time of the BPM music festival, condos in and around Playa Mamitas are sold out! Not too shabby for someone who is looking for a property with great rental potential! The condos around Playa Mamitas are beautiful, luxury, and attractive to renters!

If you are someone that enjoys a little bit more peace and quiet, but don’t want to sacrifice location, there are wonderful options just a few blocks away from Playa Mamitas. Areas from the 5th Avenue up to the 30th Avenue are amazing and absolutely walkable! Plus you have the advantage of a better price if you are willing to push it up a few blocks.

Condo complexes like Quadra Alea , Gativots II and Margaritas are incredible choices for comfortable modern living directly in the heart of Playa del Carmen. All of these stand beautifully in the Little Italy Section of Playa del Carmen which are only 4-5 blocks away from the Outstanding Playa Mamitas, as well as the 5th avenue!

If you want to stay closer to the coast, you can consider options heading a little north, towards Shangrila and CTM! These streets, leading toward the beach, tend to be a bit quieter for “people traffic”, and both areas maintain a ton of charm! Ask your Playa del Carmen Real Estate agent about these areas and what listings are available!

It is always important to study and do the research on any area that you are considering to buy real estate. This proves to be true no matter where you are! I always suggest making a list of the things that are important to you in your home but also around your home. Use this list to work closely with your agent to find your perfect place for you!


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